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Damian Lillard Will Be Playing For This NBA Team Next Year

Colin Cowherd: ‘We’re going to play ‘Dame or Deal’. I’m the Blazers GM – If I would keep Dame over the trade offer it’s ‘Dame’, if the trade offer is too good to pass up it’s a ‘Deal.’”

Watch Colin Cowherd decide if the Portland Trailblazers should keep Damian Lillard or deal him for a notable trade package in a Best For Last Segment titled ‘DAME OR DEAL?’

Would You Keep Damian Lillard or Deal Him For Anthony Davis?

“Believe it or not, DAME. First of all, he’s played 65+ games ever year of his career. I get a leadership quality I don’t think I get with Anthony Davis. The Lakers have very limited first round picks based on what they gave for Anthony Davis, so I’m not doing it. I just think Dame loves basketball, and Anthony Davis at times really, really ‘likes’ it, so I’ll take Dame.”

Would You Keep Damian Lillard or Deal Him For Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Multiple 1st Round Picks?

“DEAL. If I’m Portland and I know the goal is to win a championship, I would take the Celtics' offer. Jaylen Brown is only 24 and he’s gotten better every year – he just averaged 25. Marcus Smart is only 27 and is a tremendous defensive player, his offense is spotty, but the Celtics have first round picks in ’22, ’23, ’24, and ’25; I can get two of those, Jaylen, and Marcus Smart. I can start to solve some of my issues and I would be a much better defensive team without having to give up all the offense. That move I would make.”

Check out the FULL video above as Colin ponders deals involving Kawhi Leonard, Bradley Beal, Tyler Herro/Bam Adebayo/Kendrick Nunn, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons/Matisse Thybulle/Tyrese Maxey, and Andrew Wiggins/James Wiseman/7th and 14th overall pick.

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