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This NBA Blockbuster Trade Could Shape the Future of the League

Chris Broussard: “Damian Lillard is looking at all the love Steph is getting, all the ‘Steph is the second-greatest point guard of all time’…Is Dame being mentioned in those top 10 point guard lists? NO. One of the reasons why is because he has yet to play for a championship, and yet to get close. He got to the conference finals once and they got swept by Golden State. He knows and understands now that for him to get the love and the respect, and for the legacy to be what he wants it to be – he’s going to be a Hall of Famer – but for his legacy to be what he wants it to be he’s going to have to get into that championship picture. if it doesn’t get better I think he will be looking to go elsewhere. Nothing against Chauncey Billups, but If I’m ‘Dame Dollar’ then I’m going to Neil O’Shea, GM of the Portland Trailblazers, and I’m saying ‘TRADE ME TO PHILADELPHIA FOR BEN SIMMONS.’ It would be that simple. Maybe Portland wants more but the salaries work out perfectly, you could just do that trade straight up. If I’m Dame, now I got the best big man in the league, I’ve got some shooters and defenders around me, I don’t have to change my game too much, and I just got to make sure the big man eats…If he goes to Golden State he’s still going to be in Steph’s shadow. Even if it’s ‘Embiid’s team’, you’re not a big and you’re not competing with him. Dame is a leader and that’s what they need in the locker room. I don’t know if Dame will do it but that’s what I’m looking for…. The Sixers haven’t won a title since 1983, they need to go out and get one. Who knows how much longer Joel Embiid has left playing at a high level.”
Robert Guerra: “Matisse Thybulle, Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey, and a first-rounder for Dame Lillard would be really hard to say ‘no’ to.”

Listen to Chris Broussard discuss possible blockbuster NBA trades this summer, and why he thinks the biggest one of them all might just be a Damian Lillard for Ben Simmons trade between two franchises in Portland and Philadelphia who have yet to get past the conference finals despite their runs of 50-win seasons.

Check out the video above as Chris and producer Robert Guerra break down the potential particulars of the deal.

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