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Dodgers Replace Trevor Bauer Bobblehead Night With Clayton Kershaw Giveaway

A new item has been added on the promotional schedule for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A Clayton Kershaw world champion t-shirt night has been added to the 2021 Los Angeles Dodgers giveaways and promotional schedule for August 19, replacing the Trevor Bauer bobblehead.

The Dodgers recently removed Bauer's bobblehead night as he remains under investigation by the Pasadena Police Department and Major League Baseball for disturbing assault charges involving 'rough sex' with a woman who suffered serious enough injuries to require hospitalization.

Fox Sports Radio legal analyst Amy Dash brought down the accusations last week, saying it's not easy to prove 'consent' when injuries are serious enough.

Bauer merchandise has also been taken out of stores at Dodger Stadium and the team’s online website.

MLB placed Bauer on administrative leave at the beginning of the month and it twice has been extended, with approval and consent from the Players Association. Bauer's court hearing is set for this week.

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