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The Real Reason Why Tokyo Summer Olympics TV Ratings Have Plummeted

Clay Travis: “The Olympics are underway and no one is watching them compared to past Olympics. I think there are several issues at play here – 1. The time differential, nobody has any idea what’s Live and what’s not. 2. We have so many people who don’t feel like celebrating the Olympics because so many athletes we feel hate America so it’s hard to cheer for them – I’m looking at you US Women’s Soccer Team and US Men’s Basketball Team. In fact, a lot of people in America actually enjoy the failure of the US Women’s Soccer Team and the US Men’s Basketball Team… People are not massive fans right now of the US Men’s team for basketball, or the women’s soccer team. Many people out there – I would say the most patriotic American sports fans tend to be conservative. If you look at what their Olympic audience comes from, it tends to be a more conservative and Republican audience. They want to celebrate America and they want to root for America to have the most Gold Medals. It feels to me that this is going to be the least-watched Olympics that any of us alive today have ever experienced. It doesn’t help that Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt is there. Simone Biles is probably the biggest Olympic star and the US women have gone out in gymnastics, which is the most popular sport. All of those factors are conspiring to create the lack of fans. And the absurdity of you can compete without masks on, but you have to wear masks on the medal stage. It doesn’t make any sense at all. It seems to be completely ridiculous.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage explain why he thinks the 2020 Summer Olympics will yield one of the worst television ratings in the history of its coverage, as the opening ceremonies in Tokyo saw audience ratings plunge by 37% since the 2016 Rio Olympics, 59% from 2012 in London, and saw its lowest TV number since 1988.

Check out the video above as Clay has a theory on why the American public is changing their channels in droves.

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