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Why Critics of USA Men's Basketball Need to 'Shut Up'

Why Critics of USA Men's Basketball Need to 'Shut Up'
Dan Beyer: “The United States ends up dropping the first game of their Olympic journey and I just have a message for everybody who is mad at Team USA, not happy with Team USA, and is disappointed in Team USA for their loss today… SHUT UP… We don’t care about Team USA Basketball. We expect them to just win all the time and we automatically expect a Gold Medal. What happens when they win a gold medal is we don’t celebrate and cheer, we just say ‘alright, that’s expected, that was awesome’, but when they lose we are on their case like you wouldn’t believe. I just can’t get over the fact that everybody now seems to care but if they won it would just be ho-hum, no big deal. We want to put them under the microscope and criticize them for doing all this stuff – it’s such a carryover from the NBA when we criticize them as individuals, and how they carry the team. Honestly, I don’t care if they lose every single game. I have pride for my country for those guys who are actually playing and serving for Team USA on the basketball court. They should win but I’m not going to be all mad at them because they ‘dIdN’t bEaT fRaNcE iN gRoUp pLaY’ like everyone was all mad about. WHO CARES??” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Dan Beyer of Fox Sports Weekends discuss the US Men’s Basketball Team’s shocking opening-round loss to France on Sunday, but also why he thinks ‘outraged’ American fans need to simply ‘SHUT UP’ when it comes to calling out the world’s most dominant Olympic team.

Check out the audio above as Dan details the hypocrisy of these so-called USA ‘fans.’

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