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Why this Team Should Now Be Considered the Best in the NFL

Jason Smith: “The Rams look like the best team in the NFL. This was a debut with a lot of new pieces in play with Matthew Stafford coming in and the questions at running back, but this was a debut that looked like a midseason win where a team that’s really good and maybe not playing their ‘A’ game, but no matter what happens during the game they’ll make one or two more plays to win. Every time the Bears looked like they were about to creep back in this they would put a TD on the board. Matthew Stafford threw the ball accurate short, he threw the ball accurate deep, he was everything they wanted, and this was why having the questions at running back isn’t going to be a big deal for the Rams. Why was it such a big deal last year? Because they couldn’t trust Jared Goff to throw the football because Jared Goff stinks, so that’s why they had to go to the running attack. The Rams completely remade their offense last year and made a different focal point than Jared Goff because they HAD to and they still had a pretty good year. Now they don’t have to do that. It’s a big deal missing Cam Akers, but they’ll figure out the running back situation because they’re going to throw the ball better and more often with Matthew Stafford. It’s going to be a more high profile and more high octane offense with Stafford. The Bears defense is pretty good and Matthew Stafford went for 320 yards and three touchdowns. They didn’t even play their best ball and still won by three touchdowns. Of all the teams that had big wins, this was the one that made me think THIS team is going to be the best in the NFL sooner rather than later.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the Los Angeles Rams’ 34-14 victory over the Chicago Bears in Matthew Stafford’s debut should strike fear across the rest of the league.

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