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Why Cam Newton Has a Bad Case of Loser Denial

Cam Newton: “The reason why they released me is because indirectly I was going to be a distraction from not being the starter. Just my aura. That’s my gift and my curse… The truth of the matter is this. He [Mac Jones] would have been uncomfortable. It comes by the mere fact of me being me. Like when you see a practice clip of me dancing or them playing music, man, if you put a hidden camera of me in my kitchen and you play some music, I’m still going to be bobbing my head, that’s just how I get myself on… Mac Jones didn’t beat me out, but I would have been a distraction knowing that if they would have given him the starting role they knew the perception they would have had.” (Check out Cam's full interview at the bottom of the page)

Doug Gottlieb: “The first stage of grief is denial, then there’s anger, then there’s depression, then there’s bargaining, and then there’s acceptance. This is DENIAL. At some point he will get to ACCEPTANCE, it might even be in 20 years. Mac Jones DID beat him out. He didn’t beat out MVP Cam Newton, he didn’t beat out first overall pick Cam Newton, he beat out Cam Newton. They felt like Mac Jones gave them the best opportunity to win. This whole idea of him being a ‘distraction’ while being a DISTRACTION. Not because of your ‘aura’, but because you can’t even accept the fact that you got beaten out, and you have a YouTube show called ‘Freaky Friday’, and because you are in fact a distraction. There’s no doubt in my mind that Cam Newton could be a backup for ten more years in this league. EVERYBODY wants to be a starter, but it’s how you present yourself. It’s not your ‘aura’, it’s YOU. Do you know what you’re doing by giving these comments? You’re actually giving more fuel to the fire of ‘your career might be over’ because you’re not actually good enough to be a starter and you’re too full of yourself to be a backup. The job of the backup quarterback is to be seen not heard and to do one thing and one thing only – get the starter ready. His ego is so out of control like he doesn’t even know. Bro, you didn’t even throw for 100 yards four times last year. A HUNDRED YARDS! This was the second team who cut you, and Ron Rivera, a team you took to the Super Bowl, traded for your backup, Kyle Allen. Saying ‘mAc dIDn’T bEaT mE oUt!’ is going to do wonders for your career. Man, they’re lining up to come get you!… If you’re not humbled after being cut twice then nothing is going to humble you.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Cam Newton is in denial of the real reason why he was released by the New England Patriots two weeks ago, as Newton said on his YouTube channel recently that it was because he was a distraction to the team, adding that Mac 'didn’t beat me out.’

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why it’s time Cam just accept the fact that the rookie Jones did in fact beat him out for the starting position.

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