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Rob Parker Demands Former Patriots Player Address Team's Cheating Scandals

Asante Samuel on ESPN's 'First Take' after tweeting that Bill Belichick would be 'just another coach' without Tom Brady': "He [Bill Belichick] hasn't shown that he is a great coach -- to me -- because he had the greatest player of all time... Tom Brady has already shown that he can win wherever he goes. Through adversity, through a pandemic, getting kicked off fields, barely having any practice, I didn't expect him to win the Super Bowl and he won the Super Bowl. Anyone can coach Tom and win a Super Bowl. Now, [Belichick] will have to show -- in my eyes -- in order to be great in my opinion, you have to show you can do that without that person... We're talking about the word 'great' here. I think people use the word great and throw it around like it's just another word. To be great, you have to do some special things. You can't just do it with one situation at one team."

Rob Parker: “Hello, Asante? Is this mic on? This is for Asante Samuel. If you’re going to make that claim then I want you to step to the mic and tell us about the cheating that went on during the Bill Belichick era. How about you come clean and tell us about why he’s ‘not a great coach’ because he has cheated his way to Super Bowls. Can we hear THAT? Because the nonsense you just threw out makes no sense and it’s obvious that you have an ax to grind. I got an ax to grind with the ‘Cheatriots’ for cheating, and Bill Belichick got busted and got the largest fine in the history of the NFL. Asante, open up about THAT. Put the personal stuff with you and Bill to the side. If you really wanna be big and bad and you got something to say about Bill Belichick then spill the beans and be the White House’s ‘Deepthroat.’ You were there and you know what went on. Is Bill a cheater? YES or NO? During each of their Super Bowl seasons here where they were ranked: 6th, 1st, 2nd, 8th, 1st, 7th. The Pats were top 5 in defensive scoring 8 times during the Brady/Belichick era, and top ten 17 times. C’mon man, if you’ve got an ax to grind I get it, but don’t come out here acting like the guy can’t coach. He won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants as their defensive coordinator. I’m not saying he’s perfect or the best coach but come with something strong. ASANTE, COME ON THE SHOW AND TELL US HOW THE PATRIOTS CHEATED. YOU WANNA TURN IN YOUR TWO SUPER BOWL RINGS AND TELL EVERYBODY THAT YA’LL KNEW THE DEFENSIVE SIGNALS?? MAYBE THAT’S WHY YOU WERE A GOOD PLAYER, YOU KNEW WHAT WAS COMING!" (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the shocking recent comments ex-Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel said about his former head coach Bill Belichick, as Rob calls out Samuel for ripping Belichick for personal reasons while failing to address Belichick’s potential role in the franchise's infamous cheating scandals over the course of their dynasty.

Check out the video above as Rob demands Samuel come on The Odd Couple and actually dish some REAL dirt on Belichick, and not just drivel about Belichick being a mediocre coach without Tom Brady, which obviously isn’t true, Rob says.

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