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Colin Cowherd: Dolphins Will Never Win Big With 'Tiny' Tua Tagovailoa

Colin Cowherd: “The Miami Dolphins are reportedly the front runners for Deshaun Watson. If you hear the story on what they would be willing to give up – three firsts, two seconds – and you consider the legal troubles Deshaun Watson is in, what the Miami Dolphins are telling you is that Tua is a $10 bet at the blackjack table and Deshaun Watson is putting a grand down. They don’t think they can win BIG with Tua. They’ll tell you they can 'win', and last year they did – they were 6-3 with Tua, but you spend big and gamble big when you wanna win big, and Miami is looking around at Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and I won’t even throw in Baker Mayfield, Derek Carr, Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, Carson Wentz – big, athletic, move, big arm – and then there’s tiny Tua who’s marginally athletic. The truth is Miami likes Tua and thinks they can win with Tua but they look in their own division, the best coach ever in Belichick, and perhaps the best or second-best young quarterback in Josh Allen, that’s four of your 17 games a year. You’re not winning that division with 'marginally athletic.' With Tua, where is the ‘special’? Size? Arm? Athletically? Where is the special?? You can ‘win’ with Tua, but you’re not going to win BIG in the NFL with Tua.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the swirling rumors surrounding the Dolphins reportedly emerging as the front runners to acquire embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson, as Colin says the reports are an indictment on Tua Tagovailoa’s reputation as a supposed franchise quarterback in Miami.

Check out the video above as Colin details why you can surely ‘win’ with Tua as your quarterback, as the Dolphins did just that last year going 6-3 with him as their starter, but you can’t win BIG, as Miami was badly blown out by the Bills in Week 17 to narrowly miss out on the playoffs.

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