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Why Cam Newton Doesn't Have the Right Traits to Remain in the NFL Very Long

Colin Cowherd: “Sources in New England say there is a level of frustration internally with Cam Newton and it has opened the window for Mac Jones. New England wants this out there, you know why New England wants it out there? Because when they move off Cam, ‘Hey, we gave him a chance, COVID situation last year, COVID situation this year’, they’ll have a little protection and a little insurance so when they move off Cam players in the locker room and players around the league know. I’m not into the blame game but this stuff doesn’t happen to Russell Wilson, it doesn’t happen to Brady, and it doesn’t happen to Mahomes. We’ve all had a friend who struggles to get out of his own way, and sometimes Cam struggles to get out of his own way. I’ve been critical of Cam for years and said “I like my Presidents to be ‘presidential’ and I like my quarterbacks to be ‘quarterback-ial.’ Grown-up, adult, focused, self-reliant, self-motivated, coachable – forget all the athletic stuff, there are just certain traits that I’m looking for in my Presidents and my quarterbacks, and sometimes Cam is not always great with those. It’s led to eroding mechanics, lack of efficiency, inconsistency production, and week-to-week, half-to-half you don’t know what they get. The ‘rightest’ take I’ve ever had is that Cam and Russell Westbrook would age poorly and age quickly. Cam is 32 and feels like he’s inches from being out of the league. Russell Wilson is 32 and I feel like he just entered his prime. Russell Wilson has better ‘quarterback-ial’ traits. Maturity, constantly working on mechanics, and uber-focused. Russell Westbrook is 32, fourth team in four years, Steph Curry 33 and just signed a max contract and there was an argument to be made he should have been the Most Valuable Player. How you age depends a lot on your traits. When Westbrook and Cam were in their hyper-athletic primes, they would just blow through their inefficiencies, but as they have aged and dipped athletically now you just get their inefficiency. Leadership doesn’t erode and mechanics don’t have to erode. Cam has had a career not getting out of his own way sometimes. Mac Jones may have just gotten a terrific opportunity.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss reports of New England’s growing frustrations with quarterback Cam Newton, as a recent ‘misunderstanding’ with COVID protocols will cost Newton nearly a week of practice with the season just under three weeks away.

Check out the video above as Colin compares Cam to NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook, as two physical phenoms who never had the proper personality traits to age gracefully into their 30’s.

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