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Rob Parker Makes Shocking Comments About Tom Brady

Rob Parker: “How could he be the ‘GOAT’ if Eli Manning beat him twice in the Super Bowl? Did he get all six rings or did the defense help him – as in Patrick Mahomes not scoring any points in the Super Bowl, as in the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ St. Louis Rams being held to 13 points in a Super Bowl. How about the Falcons being up 28-3 and didn’t score in the second half of that Super Bowl? How about the LA Rams a few years ago had the fifth-greatest offense in the history of the NFL and they were only able to manage three points? Let’s not oversell Brady. Let’s take away the Super Bowls and say they’re a ‘team achieved entity of your career.’ If we take away the Super Bowls and then just talk about the player's ability, what they do on the field, and who’s the best, I don’t even think it’s close that Aaron Rodgers has a better skill set, and is a better quarterback than Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback, but I don’t think anybody, given all things equal, would pick Tom Brady over Aaron Rodgers on any given Sunday… I think Tom Brady gets way too much credit… Here’s the part that is always negated and I don’t know why, because it’s not done with all players -- they have a scarlet letter and always get painted with that brush about the cheating scandal. Tom Brady was suspended for four games when he was busted for cheating. The Patriots and the coach were fined heavily for cheating. How come that doesn’t factor in? Why do you give Tom Brady a pass? Who is helped by knowing the defensive signals?? Doesn’t Tom Brady get an edge if he knows what defense they’re playing?” (Full Segment Above, Short Segment at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker and Andy Furman discuss’s recent rankings of the top 30 players in the NFL over the age of 30, as Rob says he fully supports Aaron Rodgers being ranked ahead of Tom Brady in those rankings.

Check out the audio above as Rob details why Brady isn’t even the GOAT despite six Super Bowl rings, and explains why having the most accomplishments doesn’t always make you the best player.

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