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Colin Cowherd Drops His NFL Wishlist For the 2021 Season

Colin Cowherd: “There are five situations and/or players that I am rooting for this year. I want to see THESE things happen for a variety of reasons, and I just want to be upfront with you on what those are:
Number one: I’m rooting for Sam Darnold to flourish. Why? Because I don’t want to see a 24-year-old get canceled when he was pressured in 42% of his throws last year. The ownership, the coaching, NONE of it worked. He will have a better o-line, and he will have real star players. No quarterback in the league has played with fewer Pro Bowlers than Darnold since he arrived. It’s not that I like him, it’s that I know him, I understand his situationm and I root for young people who got a series of dysfunctional bad breaks entering the league.”

Check out the FULL list above.

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