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Doug Gottlieb Rips Kirk Cousins & Lamar Jackson For Refusing COVID Vaccine

Lamar Jackson when asked if he’d get the vaccine: “I just got off the COVID list, I’ve gotta go talk to my team doctors and try to see how they feel about it. I’ll keep learning as much as I can about it and we will go from there… I’m just going to follow the NFL protocols as much as I can and the best I can. I’m not worried about it, last year when I came off COVID I felt like I did pretty good and this year I’m trying to do the same thing. So like I said, I’m just going to follow protocols.”

Kirk Cousins: “I do believe the protocols work and that’s why I believe I didn’t have COVID after being in a meeting room like that because the mask and the social distancing works. You can’t play in a game with COVID regardless of your vaccination status, so the key will be not being in close contact. That will be the focus and we have to be very vigilant.”

Doug Gottlieb: “NO, the key will be getting your vaccine so that there’s a less likely chance that you contract COVID if you are actually exposed to the virus. There’s actual SCIENCE to it… What’s amazing about this story is that no one seems to be learning lessons, or who they’re listening to isn’t teaching them the lessons… You can’t be a quarterback in the NFL unless you are highly intelligent. Smart people can say and do stupid things but the ‘fool me once, fool me twice it’s on me’ is the Lamar Jackson thing, and the Kirk Cousins thing is like ‘what are you actually doing?’ There isn’t any science and any data to back up your stance. You would rather wear a mask everywhere and stay away from everyone, and STILL run the risk of being contracted and being tested more often??… I know all about ‘Tuskegee’ and I know about the lack of trust in the government, but when every sign is telling you what to do when college teams and pro teams are all getting vaccinated so they can have a season without a hiccup, why are two franchise quarterbacks not doing the same? You're not just embarrassing yourself, you're kind of embarrassing the entire profession. You’re supposed to be a LEADER and guys that people follow, and you’re supposed to be guys who do the right thing. We all know what the right thing is, whether you push back against it or not, you know what you’re supposed to do. The idea behind not being vaccinated is just silly. As much as I like to be a contrarian by nature, this is not one of those times… I can’t explain the idiocy of athletes at times because I like to defend most athletes and to tell you that the old days of the dumb jock are just that – OLD days. But these guys aren’t helping me out much.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out NFL quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Lamar Jackson for their reservations about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, as Gottlieb says not only are Cousins and Jackson living up to the dated ‘dumb jock’ stereotype by refusing to get vaccinated, but they’re embarrassing the entire sport as well.

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