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Why We Need to Stop Overrating the Career of Patrick Mahomes

Colin Cowherd: "There will be discussions this year of 'pAtRiCk mAhOmEs sHoUlD aLrEaDy bE a haLL oF fAmEr!!!'... Oh, boy… He's 161st in passing yards, 121st in touchdown, and 113th in wins. He's not a Hall of Famer yet, he's just really talented. The most remarkable thing I have ever seen in the NFL the last decade is Andrew Luck walking into this league with no support – bad GM, wrong coach, horrible roster, no defense, zero running back, worst o-line in the league, and he won 11 games three straight years. I don’t think Patrick Mahomes could do that. Mahomes couldn’t win in the Big 12 because he didn’t have the support group. Mahomes has yet to face crisis. You folks gave Aaron Rodgers 9 Super Bowls after he won the first. Big Ben was in the Super Bowl his first year and you had him better than Brady and Manning, and he never was. Dan Marino went to a Super Bowl in his first year and you thought he would get to 8 more… Do you think if Mahomes played under Doug Marrone in Jacksonville the last three years you would be calling him ‘better than Brady’? I love Mahomes and he’s amazing but the reason he’s going to be a Hall of Famer is the Hunt family, Brett Veach the GM, Andy Reid, the best tight end, the fastest receiver, and a totally rebuilt offensive line… Judge everybody in CRISIS too. The only times I’ve seen Mahomes in crisis in his career was in the Super Bowl last year when he lost his left tackle and he was AWFUL. Mahomes will be a Hall of Famer but he’s not there yet… Before we anoint, let’s watch everybody for a few years in crisis too.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why we need to tamp down some of the exorbitant hyperbole that we always seem to decorate Patrick Mahomes with at every passing moment, as Colin says NFL fans and media alike need to stop already anointing him a Hall of Famer.

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