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Why the Relationship Between Aaron Rodgers and Packers is Officially Weird

Colin Cowherd: “It looks like the Packers are trading for Randall Cobb. I had a GM and a scout text me this morning saying ‘this is why Aaron Rodgers is not a personnel guy, he’s a quarterback.’ Randall Cobb is expensive, old, shot, injured, can’t stay healthy, and you drafted a slot receiver named Amari Rodgers out of Clemson who IS a slot and will be very good… Now this relationship between Aaron and Green Bay is officially WEIRD. This is a really BAD personnel move. He’s $10.4 million, and a TON for a slot receiver who was a one-time Pro Bowler seven years ago, and since then can’t stay healthy. Nice player at one point but can’t play anymore. If your wife comes up to you and says ‘I want a divorce', you can say ‘let’s make it work for a year', but you’re going to have resentment and trust issues, and you’re going to start doing things to appease her that are inauthentic. That’s not a real relationship and you’re going to act completely differently than you normally would in a healthy relationship. Green Bay is now in the ‘makeup’ stage, so they’re making a really bad move to appease Aaron Rodgers who’s got one year left and may not care about building some great relationship with a rookie slot receiver from Clemson named Amari Rodgers, who can really play. This is officially the WEIRD stage. Green Bay feels like they butchered this whole thing and now they have to a make up for it. BAD MOVE. Brady went out and got Antonio Brown and Gronk but both of those guys could still play and essentially were FREE and cost nothing… Green Bay is now sacrificing cap and quality to appease the guy that wants out.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have officially reached the WEIRD phase in their tumultuous relationship, as Colin rips the team for going out and getting a washed-up and expensive former Packers wideout, Randall Cobb, simply to appease their scorned lover.

Check out the video above as Colin says it’s too little, too late for the Packers to get back on Rodgers’ good side, and says the Cobb move just comes off as inauthentic and forced suck-up deal to Rodgers.

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