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Why USA Men's Basketball Has a 'Gregg Popovich Problem'

Chris Broussard: “Popovich is 11-6 in international play. They were 75-1 under Krzyzewski, and we hadn’t lost an Olympic game in 25 years. He’s 6-3 in games that matter internationally. He’s doing a BAD job. There are other reasons –‘ does the roster fit?’ and players aren’t playing well, I get all that, but there are no two ways about it, he’s struggling in international play. They’ve lost three out of their last four if you count exhibitions and he’s 11-6… Popovich is trying to run an offense with ball and player movement, which I like and I think is the best way to play basketball because a 5-man team that is talented is going to beat a team that is just ISO for the most part, but these players aren’t used to playing that way. That’s not how most teams play in the NBA anymore, and it’s not how our greatest players grow up playing. We’re not used to guarding those types of offenses anymore either… We got some issues here, and Popovich’s coaching has been one of them… We say that ‘the world has caught up…’ The whole world HAS caught up, but no individual country has caught us. We’re not playing ‘the world’, we’re playing individual countries. Slovenia has two million people, think about that. Brooklyn has more people than Slovenia!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard discuss some of the shocking struggles from one of the world’s most powerful sports entities, US Men’s Basketball, and why he thinks Gregg Popovich might be the biggest problem why the United States has lost three out of their last four games in International play.

Check out the video above as Chris thinks a comatose US team might have a ‘Gregg Popovich problem’, who is now 11-6 as a head coach for Team USA, compared to former coach Mike Krzyzewski's 75-1.

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