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Clay Travis: NFL Cares More About Vaccines than Sexual Assault Allegations

Clay Travis: “How about Deshaun Watson showing up to for Texans camp and almost no one in the media even pointed out ‘hey, wait a minute, this guy has 22 different sexual assault allegations pending in civil court, and yet he’s showing up for camp and now they’re talking about trading him??' I never want to hear ever again for all time the idea that there is some sort of issue here at all associated with ‘unequal treatment.’ This is a conflict between two different identity groups – which does the NFL value more? ‘Black Lives Matter’, aka the idea that Black quarterbacks are the ‘victims’ as it pertains to the NFL, or ‘#MeToo’? The NFL is making a pretty clear statement. They’re more afraid of COVID criticism than they are for sexual assault allegation criticism. This is wild because Trevor Bauer -- one sexual assault allegation and he’s out of Major League Baseball. Ezekiel Elliot – one domestic violence allegation and he isn’t allowed to play for six games. Ben Roethlisberger – one sexual assault allegation and he isn’t allowed to play for four games. Deshaun Watson has TWENTY-TWO sexual assault allegations and the NFL is unwilling to do that anything at all to him. It’s just absolute insanity. The NFL cares more about COVID vaccines than they do about sexual assaults.”

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage discuss the NFL’s new punitive measures when it comes to players not receiving COVID-19 vaccines, and why he believes it’s telling that the league continues to heavily interlock themselves with enforcing this vaccine, while at the same time going radio silent with any disciplinary actions towards Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is accused of almost two-dozen sexual assault allegations.

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