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Why Aaron Rodgers Has Suddenly Become Thoroughly Unlikeable

Why Aaron Rodgers Has Suddenly Become Thoroughly Unlikeable

Aaron Rodgers: “I think we can all understand that Green Bay isn’t a huge vacation destination. People are coming here to play with me, play with our team, and knowing they can win a championship here. The fact that I haven’t been used in those discussions [regarding personnel decisions] is what I wanted to change moving forward.”

Ben Maller: “The key part there ‘...People are coming here to play with ME.’ Aaron Rodgers came across as tremendously unlikeable. 'Douchey, Mc-Douche' would be the way to describe this. Aaron Rodgers was wallowing in victimhood, ‘BOO-HOO-HOO! tHeY dOn’T gIvE mE tHe pOwEr tO pIcK tHe pLaYeRs!’ How sad is that?? You’d think he was playing with a bunch of flotsam and jetsam picked up from a rummage sale. It’s not a one-man team even though many Aaron Rodgers sycophants in the media will tell you that. Way before Aaron Rodgers the Packers had always done the same thing; they’ve drafted and they don’t sign free agents. Rodgers came across as a disgruntled guy and he didn’t hide it or pretend to be something else. Saying he was contentious would be an understatement. CROTCHEDY Aaron Rodgers! The way he laid it out there sounded like they’re running a sweatshop out there in Green Bay. The pay is low and the working conditions are borderline illegal… Rodgers laid out a big sob story and that Lambeau Field is not a holy land of football, but a little shop of horrors, and without Aaron Rodgers they would not even be able to field eleven players on offense, and forget defense. Green Bay is SUCH a hell hole that the Packers would go bankrupt without Archangel, Aaron Rodgers. Him saying ‘Green Bay is not a vacation destination’ was eerily similar to former NBA player Joakim Noah and his assault on Cleveland. I can tell you my younger brother loves the Green Bay area and moved to Appleton, Wisconsin, which is the big city across from Green Bay. He loves it and he’s not leaving. He can’t get enough of it, so for him, it IS a vacation destination. Before ‘Saint Rodgers’ showed up for the Pack Attack, they didn’t win diddly poo! Bart Starr? Forget about that! Brett Favre? A figment of your imagination!” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller rip Aaron Rodgers for his bizarre recent ‘unfiltered’ press conference in which Rodgers shed his usual passive-aggressive demeanor when it comes to his deteriorating relationship with the Packers organization, and instead went full throttle in airing his dirty laundry.

Check out the audio above as Maller mocks the pretentious and self-serving media appearance that made it seem like Rodgers is the only thing going for a poverty franchise.

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