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Deshaun Watson Accuser Shares Her Chilling Experience During QB's Massage

Nia Lewis: “He was very adamant that we focus on his glutes. With me being 21 at the time I didn’t think anything of it, I said ‘OK, this is an athlete, he wants to focus on his glutes, that’s perfectly fine with me, cool.’ I told him my rate, and he came in, and but then things just kind of went weird.”
“The only thing that really bothered me in the first appointment is he kept asking me to go inside of his butt. For any of my clients, I’ll stop at the lower thigh, some customers don’t like their buttocks touched, but he kept asking me to go inside. [Interviewer asks ‘inside the crack or the hole?] I originally thought it was the crack. I kind of go around that area and he still wasn’t satisfied. He was very adamant and he was saying ‘don’t be afraid to go inside’ and in my mind, I’m like ‘there is nothing further, and there is nowhere to go unless it’s inside of his anus.’ It totally threw me back. I remember as soon as I was done with the massage, the owner of the salon was sitting in the waiting area and I was like ‘girl, you will not believe what just happened. He kept trying to make me go inside of his butt. He didn’t want me to massage his arms, his legs, his back, or his feet, he wanted me to massage the inside of his butt… I wasn’t offended by it, I just thought this was something my client may be ashamed of and he didn’t want anybody to know, and didn’t want anyone in the NFL to know this little thing that he likes.”
“When we booked our next appointment, I didn’t know it would turn the way it did… The second appointment was just really inappropriate. He was very touchy-feely. He would act like he accidentally brushed up against my butt. If I would be on the side of his neck or if I would be at the front of the massage table and I would massage their neck, he would reach his hands back and try to grab my butt… There came a point where I was trying to massage him at a distance because he kept trying to touch me and had to keep jumping back.”
“Like the first massage, he basically told me he didn’t want the rest of his body massaged, he wanted his groin area massaged, and his butt only… He kept saying ‘do you want to put it in your mouth?’ It was very uncomfortable. I’m still trying to be professional and get through this hour-long massage without any conflict. I knew the owner of this salon was very proud to have this person as a client and that was her main focus at the time, and to ‘keep this person happy.’”
“There came a time in the massage where he would be erect the entire time and he had pre-cum coming out of his penis and it was all over his stomach, and he kept telling me to rub in that area or try to make me touch it.”
“It was the most uncomfortable time in my life and it seemed like that hour was taking so long and I remember cutting the massage short like 15 minutes and pretending it was a full hour.”
There were multiple times where I had to push his hand away from grabbing me in between my legs… He would always make these comments like ‘whaatttt?’, like when you’re doing something wrong and you say ‘whaaaaaatt?’ We both knew it was wrong, he knew I didn’t want him touching me like that, so he would always respond ‘whaaaaattt?’ At that point, I knew I was being taken advantage of.”
“In the third session, he basically didn’t give a f**k. Normally I do the same drill with all my clients. I walk to the door and say ‘hey, here are some towels, here’s a blanket, there is restroom to the side, I’ll give you five minutes and I’ll come back in, you can undress and you can put the draping on.’ He blatantly told me that he was not going to put any draping on, that I don’t need to leave the room. He took his pants off right in front of me, he laid on the bed, and he refused to wear the towel covering. Basically, he told me ‘you know my focus points, I don’t want anything else.' With him, I would always get so nervous that I would try to start at his feet because I knew what he was going to ask me to do. He definitely did not want a typical massage. When I tried to massage his legs I could tell he was getting very agitated and irritated, and I would act like I didn’t understand his instructions at the time so I could stay on the leg area.”
“The third session he blatantly asked me to have sex with him. He told me that he had a condom in his bag. He kept requesting sex from me, and trying to touch me---well, he did touch me in between my legs.”
“The entire third session I had to do everything from a distance, he wouldn’t keep his hands to himself, which eventually I had to decide that that would be the last time I would massage him, against everybody else’s wishes, because in the meantime, the owner of the massage has introduced so many girls to Deshaun Watson, so at this point in time I wasn’t the only woman massaging him from the salon. The people she was inviting in didn’t even work at the salon. I don’t know where she was getting these people from, but she was like ‘Hey, do you want to massage Deshaun Watson??’”
“He tried to meet me at a hotel room and told me he was going to reimburse me for the costs because he didn’t want to be around her [the owner of the salon].”
“There were a lot of things that we had to go through to massage him which was very irritating. He paid the same amount of money that everybody else paid, but nobody could be in the salon, we had to make sure nobody was in front of the salon, we had to make sure he could walk through the back door and nobody could make any noise, we couldn’t talk, and I always had to keep my phone off.”
“I expressed my concerns with the owner of the salon but she was really infatuated with the fact that we had Deshaun Watson as a client… This woman [the salon owner] was obsessed with him, and that’s why I am stuck in this position that I am because I feel like I can’t refuse him as a client, but he’s making me uncomfortable and touching me inappropriately.”

Listen to massage therapist Nia Lewis, one of the 22 women accusing Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual assault, join ‘UNWINEWITHTASHAK’ for a revealing interview in which she details the disturbing timeline of events in graphic detail that she experienced in the massage room alone with Watson.

She chronicles three separate sessions she had with Watson, the first where Watson repeatedly asked for her to work around his glutes, including ‘inside of his butt’. The second session where Watson was allegedly erect with pre-cum dripping on his stomach, grabbing the woman’s thighs and butt inappropriately, and asking Lewis to give him oral sex. And the third and final session where Watson outright asked her to have sex with him.

Lewis says the owner of the salon was 'obsessed' with having Watson as a client, and was inviting girls who didn't even work at the salon to massage Watson, teasing them with a 'do you want to massage Deshaun Watson??' offer.

Watson reported to Texans camp last week, and there are still no chargers – either civil or criminal – against Watson at this point, but lawyer Tony Buzbee, who is representing all 22 women, says the chances of Watson settling the case with Watson are ‘highly unlikely', and added that the only reason why the case has seemingly gone quiet is because Buzbee was in Greece on his honeymoon.

Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin told ESPN last week that 10 of the women have filed complaints with the Houston Police Department, and says both him and Watson are fully cooperating with their investigation.

Watson could potentially be put on the league’s Commissioner Exempt’s list as the legal proceedings continue to play out, the same way players the likes of Michael Vick, Jonathan Vilma, Greg Hardy, Josh Brown, Reuben Foster, and Kareem Hunt have.

Even without charges, the league could still suspend Watson for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, which most notably cost Ben Roethlisberger and Ezekiel Elliott six games.

Check out the full interview above.

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