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WATCH: Usain Bolt Explains Packers Fandom, Responds to Aaron Rodgers Return

The fastest man of all time is apparently also a major "cheese head."

Eight-time Olympic Gold medalist and 100m world record holder Usain Bolt discussed his fandom of the Green Bay Packers during an appearance on the Pat McAfee ShowThursday afternoon.

"We didn't get a lot of games when I was younger. So the first game I watched was with Aaron Rodgers back in the days and I saw him and I was like, 'you know what? This is going to be my team,'" Bolt revealed. "If it was any other team on the day that was playing good, the first game I watched, I would be supporting them."

"We're looking good," Bolt added. "[Randall] Cobb is back, so I'm excited about that. We're looking good this season. Last season, we weren't great, but this season we're looking good."

"Usain, you made the NFC Championship Game last season," McAfee said in response to Bolt's criticism over the Packers' performance in 2020.

"Oh, don't talk about it," Bolt said while shaking his head. "It was a sad day for me. We shouldn't have lost that though. There's no way we should've lost that game."

Bolt also expressed his excitement over having his favorite quarterback back in the fold amid a rift between Rodgers and the Packers organization this offseason.

"You don't know how happy I was when I opened my Instagram and saw Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field," Bolt said.

The eight-time Olympic Gold medalist made a public plea to Rodgers via Sports Illustrated prior to his return his week.

Rodgers returned to the Packers on Tuesday amid reports of being "disgruntled" with the organization this offseason.

The reigning NFL Most Valuable Player arrived at Austin Straubel International Airport Monday night and returned to the Green Bay Packers during the team's training camp session on Tuesday, WBAY reports.