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How Simone Biles Cashed In On Being the Tokyo Olympics' Biggest Quitter

Ben Maller: “The tabloid ‘Radar Online’ recently talked with a top marketing executive on Madison Avenue – the mecca of advertising and endorsements – and this executive said Simone Biles’ choice to step away, some of us call it QUITTING, from the team competition and not completing it will likely make her even more popular after the Games with the advertising community. Quote: ‘Simon is a bigger star today from walking away from the team event than she would have been if she had won another gold medal. She is already the most respected athlete in the world, however, now she is respected as a human being too': Unquote… Simone Biles is cashing in on QUITTING. Even if you agree with her decision, she QUIT… There is a burgeoning marking of this type of content and people eat up these kinds of stories. Society used to look down upon these people that did not finish what they started… There was some point, two weeks ago I guess, where we celebrated grit and determination and wanted our kids to have grit but not as much anymore. Now you’re a ‘hero’ for not finishing what you start… When the going gets tough, now they endorse getting into the fetal position and sucking your thumb… We actually give Simone Biles a tremendous amount of credit. She’s at the age of 24 and she’s already figured out the system. She took out her thermometer and read the temperature in the room. She saw how popular Naomi Osaka got with her shenanigans at the French Open, and she realized this is socially acceptable to give up, and people will pat you on the back saying ‘good job!’ To her credit, she pounced on the opportunity. She’s a very smart woman for playing the system. It’s a genius move. Radar Online said ‘suddenly the greatest Olympian in the world is vulnerable and she’s connecting with a whole new group of people and has won everyone’s heart.’ Good for her, she’s laughing all the way to the bank. As they say on Wall Street ‘get that dumb money’, and the sheep have decided that you’re a hero for going AWOL… You can expect savvy athletes to seize the opportunity going forward. Biles parroted what Naomi Osaka did, so who is next? Why wouldn’t you?? You don’t have to face the music, you’re given a human firewall to guard you, and the magic solution to a complicated problem. And you can’t go against groupthink, there is no room for dissenting opinions! A lot of media types love a good sob story.”

Listen to Ben Maller discuss USA women’s gymnast Simone Biles’ shocking exit from the Tokyo Olympics and the financial gain and admiration that will come from it, as Maller says Biles will be ‘cashing in on quitting’ the same way Naomi Osaka used her bizarre 2020 French Open withdrawal to cash in on imminent marketing opportunities.

Check out the video above as Maller details why the modern sports landscape has reached a crooked and rather paradoxical point in time where society appreciates quitters even more than they do champions, and that Biles' brand actually grows from going AWOL in Japan.

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