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Sports Doctor Breaks Down the Severity of Carson Wentz's Foot Injury

Dr. David Chao: “Carson Wentz is likely to miss the start of the season based on my analysis. News and reports are still sketchy, there is no video, a lot of this is stitching together the facts and using my insider knowledge. Here’s what we know: he hurt it on a rollout, it was non-contact, he felt a pop, it’s not a Lisfranc injury, it involves a bone and ligament – I think they actually mean bone and ‘tendon’... The injury that would fit this would be a sesamoid fracture, two little tiny floating bones at the bottom of the great toe, the turf toe joint, would affect push off. It usually doesn’t heal and this is why excision surgery is typically needed.. There are reports he will miss all of the preseason. I think he starts the season on injured reserve. I think he’ll miss the three weeks of injured reserve, let’s hope he can come back in October, I don’t think it’s season-ending. The good news is as a quarterback he doesn’t have to be 100% to return to play. If this were a wide receiver or defensive back, he might be out until December. I think Wentz has a reasonable chance to return sometime in October. I set the over/under at Week 6 for his return. The reunion on-field with Frank Reich will be delayed, but at least the season is not done of the Colts quarterback. Philip Rivers did pretty well last year in the playoffs with his turf toe injury, and in some ways these injuries are comparable.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Dr. David Chao of Outkick the Coverage, formerly a team physician with the San Diego Chargers and current sports medical analyst, break down what he believes is the affliction Colts quarterback Carson Wentz is dealing with.

It was reported on Monday that Wentz will indeed take the route of surgery on his foot and could potentially miss 5-12 weeks, but specifics into the injury have not been released.

Check out the video above as Dr. Chao gives his insight on what might be the issue with the oft-injured QB’s foot, and when he believes Wentz will be able to return to the field in Indianapolis.

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