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Why the Bengals Should Be Terrified About Joe Burrow's Knee this Season

Why the Bengals Should Be Terrified About Joe Burrow's Knee this Season
Colin Cowherd: “We like quarterbacks for different reasons. We like the playmaking ability from Kyler Murray, we like the size and power from Josh Allen, we like Tom Brady’s ability to manipulate the line of scrimmage, and we liked Eli’s ability in the two-minute offense. What we loved about Joe Burrow was the swagger and the confidence in which he plays. These are observations from people who cover the Bengals who tend to shade positive over negative. ‘Joe Burrow, it’s not good. Throws that were layups last year are off-target. There’s a multitude of reasons for the struggles and it has been ugly.’ Tyler Boyd, a very good receiver said: ‘Joe Burrow looks good but he is iffy on the knee.’ The thing we liked about Burrow was the swagger and the confidence, and the ‘IT’ wasn’t the body, arm, or athleticism --- apparently, he has lost it. That doesn’t mean he won’t regain it but remember, he was sacked 32 times last year in 10 games, and this is still not an elite offensive line. He tore his ACL, MCL, and there was other additional damage. This was a BAD, BAD injury. Carson Palmer admits that when he came back 15 years ago in 2006 off a knee injury, he said ‘it’s a FEEL thing. 18 months, that’s how long it takes, to get to where your knee feels somewhat normal again. It takes two years until you can’t tell you had surgery. That first year just doesn’t feel right.’ This is in a division where Baltimore is better, Cleveland is better, and Pittsburgh is still good. What we like about Burrow is the confidence and swagger, and reports from the reporters and his teammates are like ‘he doesn’t want ANYBODY near his knees.’ I remember when Tom Brady hurt his knee and the following year he got snippy when a guy FELL near his knee. That lack of confidence off an injury is a real thing. It’s not a weakness, EVERYBODY goes through it.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss ominous reports about Joe Burrow’s lack of confidence in his surgically repaired knee during training camp, as Colin worries that an athletic quarterback like Burrow is going to really struggle if he has any transgressions about his injury going into next season, adding that his patented game packing swagger and confidence is going to be lacking.

Check out the full audio above as Colin thinks 2021 could be a struggle for Burrow coming off a horrific ACL and MCL tear last season.

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