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Doug Gottlieb Blasts Simone Biles For Her 'Ridiculous' Comments in Tokyo

Doug Gottlieb Calls Out Simone Biles For 'Ridiculous' Comments in Tokyo

Mike Tirico: “Can you share with us the loneliness of being expected to win and hearing that you’re the ‘GOAT’ all the time but still having to go out and prove it time after time? How hard is that?”

Simone Biles: “I feel like it’s hard but it’s harder being a female athlete because everybody prays for your downfall and wants you to mess up and all of that stuff. I don’t think they take into consideration our mental health because what we do isn’t easy or else everybody could do it. At the end of the day, we’re not just athletes in entertainment we’re human too and have emotions and feelings and things that we’re working through behind the scenes that we don’t tell you guys about. I think it’s something people should be more aware of.”

Doug Gottlieb: “NOBODY CRITICIZED SIMONE BILES. NOBODY ROOTS FOR HER TO LOSE. THERE’S NOT A HUMAN ON AMERICAN SOIL. YOU EITHER HOPES SHE WINS OR YOU DON’T CARE… If she really didn’t like being called the ‘Greatest of All Time’ you might not want to put it on your leotard, just a thought. This idea that anyone roots against Simone Biles is not just wrong, it’s 180 degrees in the wrong direction. You’re just arguing something that is absolutely not true. I don’t know of any ‘haters’ in gymnastics. Maybe in the small insular world of gymnastics with the Russians or Chinese, but on American soil where she has a fan base, there isn’t anybody who is anti-Simone Biles. You literally can’t find anybody. It’s RIDICULOUS and maybe the most ridiculous sports take I’ve ever heard… She says there’s ‘sexism involved’, NO, it’s actually the opposite. We actually don’t criticize female athletes. We don’t actually criticize Olympians. How did she do in the balance beam? She ‘WON’ the bronze medal. Did she ‘win’ the bronze medal or did she lose and get third place? How did the Suns do in the NBA Finals? Did they get a silver medal or did they lose? We don’t do that in American sports outside the Olympics where we go ‘Hey! First loser? You get an award! Second loser? You get an award!’ SHE LIVES IN A BUBBLE! SHE’S NOT A REAL HUMAN BEING! What she believes to be some form of criticism or hatred is so incredibly soft. Women on many levels want and deserve to be treated as equals, but if we were ‘really’ equal, people would go like ‘You competed, great that’s awesome, but what about the other ones you didn’t try on, or you didn’t actually win?’ You didn’t ‘win’ a bronze medal, you just didn’t lose by as much as other people lost by. It’s comical but sad at the same time. She lives in a world where she’s never been critiqued or critisized ever, besides her coaches, and so the first time something happens she thinks the world is out to get her… Simone Biles is 24 years old, she’s a grown-ass women who is as good as anybody who has ever done it, but she’s going down a road here of blaming everybody else… Nobody is a ‘hater’, nobody rooted for you to lose. On the other hand, if you tell us all of these things about us which are patently false now all of the sudden people are going to get defensive, and you are going to create some animosity.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Olympic gymnast Simone Biles on the ‘most ridiculous sports take I’ve ever heard’, as Gottlieb takes exception to Biles’ ‘patently false’ recent comments about the supposed ‘haters’ who have covered her ongoing tribulations at the Tokyo Olympics.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why Biles is simply living in a ‘bubble’ where’s she’s too out of touch with reality to accept any trace of legitimate criticism as this point in her career, no matter how fair and constructive it may be.

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