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Clay Travis Mocks the Media's False Claims of Rockies Fan Using 'N-Word'

Clay Travis: “This video went viral with everyone in the woke universe immediately deciding that this man was screaming a racial slur at the person who was at-bat. That would be highly unlikely because that man’s life would effectively be over, and he would no longer be able to work anywhere. The top story on ESPN right now says ‘Colorado Rockies Fan Shouted at Mascot ‘Dinger’, Didn’t Yell Racial Slur at Miami Marlins' Lewis Brinson.’ I’m not making this up, this is the number one story right now… The Rockies are probably going to have to end up changing the name of their mascot because ‘Dinger’ sounds too close to a racial slur and they’re afraid that someone might get offended when they yell ‘Dinger’ at the Rockies mascot. Maybe Major League Baseball is going to have to change the colloquial term for a home run away from dinger because it’s too 'offensive'. Tell me this is not a perfect ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm' episode. Tell me that this is not vintage Larry David sitting behind home plate deciding to yell at the Colorado Rockies mascot, the tape going viral, and everybody deciding that he’s screaming out a racial slur. When you have stories like this happening, what I would suggest is very likely true – the demand for racism vastly exceeds the supply for racism. When we have all of these stories that are proven to be racial hoaxes and they ricochet throughout social media instantaneously, and everybody who is in the blue checkmark brigade puffs out their chest and says they’re so ‘offended’. The Rockies already issued a statement on Sunday before they even knew what was going on. ‘The demand for racism vastly exceeds the supply for racism.’ Just think about it, and think about how often that phrase applies, and tell me it isn’t a usual and regular occurrence.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage discuss the now-debunked viral story over the weekend that had a Colorado Rockies fan on video behind home plate supposedly yelling the ‘N-Word’ at a Black Marlins player who was up at-bat.

It was later revealed that the fan was not calling Marlins player Lewis Brinson the ‘N-Word’, but was rather acknowledging the Rockies mascot named ‘Dinger’, and yelling the similarly sounding ‘DINGER’ to get the mascot’s attention.

Check out the video above as Clay details why ‘racial hoaxes’ like these continue to run roughshod on social media, and why the ‘demand for racism vastly exceeds the supply for racism.’

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