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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 8 Franchise Quarterbacks Drafted Since 2019

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 8 NFL quarterbacks drafted since 2019 with the highest ceilings.

8. Drew Lock

“He doesn’t play with enough urgency. He’s got a huge arm. He very much reminds me of Jay Cutler, where he’s got a cannon for an arm and they’ve got some really nice pieces, but I question maturity, and he doesn’t play with a lot of urgency. There’s no doubt that there’s something there but right now it doesn’t work for me, and I don’t know if he has the right coach. He’s gotta play Mahomes twice, Derrick Carr twice, and Justin Herbert twice; that’s a gauntlet.”

7. Zach Wilson

“I just don’t buy him as the prospect everybody else does – I could be totally wrong. All of his tape shows you there’s a little Johnny Manziel. He’s a little small, good arm, and can make plays. He didn’t play good competition. I don’t love the ownership, I love his general manager, and we don’t know if Saleh can coach.”

6. Joe Burrow

“I like Joe Burrow this just tells you how many good quarterbacks there are, but he comes off a nasty, nasty leg injury. Last year what was my concern? His organization. He got CRUSHED, he got sacked 32 times in 10 games. I think he’s fine but I really worry about the environment in Cincinnati. Can Zac Taylor coach? Good God, you gotta play the Ravens twice, the Steelers twice, and now the Browns roster is loaded. He’s in a tough spot.”

For the FULL rankings of the top 5, check out the video above.

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