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Which So-Called NFL 'Contenders' You Shouldn't Take Seriously this Season

Watch Colin Cowherd decide how confident he is that these supposed NFL contenders will make the playoffs this season, as Colin plays ‘Playoff Confidence Meter’ for his Best For Last segment.

Colin will give a numerical rating to each team with ‘0’ meaning the least confidence, and ‘10’ meaning the most confidence.

Pittsburgh Steelers

“Right in the middle, 5. They’ve never had a losing season with Mike Tomlin, but they had the 31st ranked offensive line last year and the worst rushing offense last season, so what you’re asking me is do I trust Big Ben, perhaps in his final year, to throw it 45 times a game. Najee Harris is a very nice piece, but they’ve go to rebuild that o-line. They’re trying to, they’ve had guys rated very highly in their first game, so I’d say five.”

New England Patriots

“Five to 5.5. I don’t like their quarterback situation. One guy feels he’s past his prime and the other guy is not ready. They spent the most money in the league in free agency and this is not an easy situation, or an easy offense to wrap your arms around. I do think that Nelson Agholor has always been a tad bit underrated, he can have the drops, but the division is really viable now – Buffalo and Miami are no joke, so I’m right in the middle at 5-5.5.”

Check out the FULL segment above as Colin gives his confidence meter rating for the Dolphins, Browns, Raiders, Chargers, Cowboys, Bears, Packers, Saints, Cardinals, and 49ers.

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