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Colin Cowherd Blasts New York Media For Comparing Zach Wilson to Dan Marino

Colin Cowherd: “Dan Marino was as talented a quarterback, including John Elway and Andrew Luck, as I’ve ever seen out of college. Dan Marino was everything -- he was 6’5”, good looking, perfect build, 238, huge arm, silly release…this weekend I read stories of people comparing Zach Wilson to Dan Marino. Timeout, STOP. Dan Marino was a four-year starter at Pitt and beat everybody. Zach Wilson is a good kid, he was 19-9 at BYU, and couldn’t beat Utah twice. I understand Bears fans and Jets fans want a quarterback, I get the frenzy, but some of you media people in New York are ridiculous. Have you all become Fireman Ed?? This is preseason and nobody is playing starters. You know what hasn’t changed? The line in Vegas, they’re still 4-point underdogs to lousy Carolina. The over/under on the Jets is 6.5 wins and that hasn’t changed. SLOW DOWN, this a last-place team and it’s a last-place roster in a division with unbelievable coaching. People are going nuts on this thing. Don’t listen to the media, they hyper-ventilate and they get overly emotional. I think Zach Wilson has good feet and a good arm. What is happening is Bears fan and Jets fan, New York and Chicago are great sports cities and the fans are so desperate to FINALLY have a quarterback. The Jets haven’t had a star at quarterback since Joe Namath. STOP the Dan Marino stuff.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd call out New York sports media for their recent hyperbole regarding comparisons between NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino and Jets second overall pick Zach Wilson, as Colin rips a desperate media and fan base who haven't followed a star Jets quarterback since Joe Namath in the 1960s and ’70s.

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