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Why a Judge Rejected the Restraining Order Filed By Trevor Bauer's Accuser

Why a Judge Rejected the Restraining Order Filed By Trevor Bauer's Accuser

Jason Smith: “What’s your big takeaway from the restraining order being lifted against Trevor Bauer?”

Amy Dash: “I think it was an absolutely appropriate thing to do from a legal perspective because in order to get a restraining order you have to have a close relationship with the person you’re trying to get it against. It has to be a spouse, or you have to be dating them, or it has to be a family member. These people had sex on two occasions, so really it wasn’t an appropriate thing to do unless you could show there was a longstanding relationship. Think about it, when you’re trying to get a restraining order you’re showing that somebody is pursuing or stalking you for a while, and she wasn’t able to meet that burden of proof that it was actually a ‘dating’ relationship and that he was a threat to her. If you looked at the text messages after everything occurred you would see that Bauer was calling her, but he was just asking how she was doing, and he was trying to bring her groceries and do other things. Whether or not it was genuine, or if he was just trying to do damage control, that’s another story, but there was no showing up at her residence harassing her and threatening her, so I think that was the right decision. Where it comes into play for him is that there was an additional judicial opinion that said the judge did not find that he did anything that she objected to. Not objecting to something is not the same as consenting to it, but that would still be in his favor and now he can use that if there were to be a subsequent criminal case.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Fox Sports Radio legal analyst, Amy Dash, founder of the website ‘League of Justice’, join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why a Los Angeles superior court judge ruled against a request made by Trevor Bauer’s accuser for a permanent restraining order against the All-Star Dodgers pitcher.

Check out the audio above as Dash details to Rob Parker and Jason Smith, guest-hosting for Dan Patrick, why the ruling helps Bauer’s case going forward.

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