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Why There's a High Chance that Deshaun Watson Will Face Criminal Charges

Why There's a High Chance that Deshaun Watson Faces Criminal Charges
Dan Lust: “This has been a pretty big week on the Deshaun Watson front. There are subpoenas that have gone out and I don’t have any reason to believe that the reports are false. The attorneys have confirmed that the grand jury subpoenas have gone out. There’s an expression that lawyers have that ‘even a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich.’ It’s important here. There’s no kind of evidentiary proceeding, the prosecutor can bring in whatever evidence they want. There’s no opportunity for cross-examination so they paint a very one-sided picture of the case and everything comes in. So every bad fact about Deshaun Watson is going to come in, it’s not going to be a ‘he said/she said’, it’s going to be a ‘she-said’ type deal. If a grand jury thinks there is sufficient evidence to have some sort of criminal proceeding here it’s going to go forward. I spoke to a DA recently and it’s a ‘ham sandwich’ type deal, it’s not 100% but maybe it’s closer to like 85-90%... If you’re a betting man, -450, -500 that Watson is going to get hit with criminal charges sooner rather than later.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to sports legal analyst Dan Lust join Fox Sports Weekends with Bernie Fratto to explain why he thinks there’s a high chance that Deshaun Watson will face criminal charges on the heels of reports that grand jury subpoenas have gone out to convene and determine if there is sufficient evidence against the star quarterback to bring forth criminal charges.

Check out the audio above as Lust explains why grand jury proceedings are often very one-sided in favor of the prosecution.

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