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Why the Cowboys Are the NFL's Most Overrated Team

Jason Smith: “Look, the Cowboys are not good. Dak Prescott has health issues that you don’t want to go into the season with. Here he is coming off a serious injury, now he’s got a lat injury, he’s not going to play at all [in the preseason], and you get to Week 1 thinking nothing is going to go wrong? You’re going to have to rely on Ezekiel Elliott. Is he still the elite running back that he was earlier in his career? Dallas is a very thinly talented team. They used to have a great roster but now it’s very thin. The division is AWFUL. Eagles are going to stink, the Giants are going to stink, offensively are Fitzpatrick and Heinicke going to put up enough points on the board for Washington? The Cowboys are not going to be good but the division is so terrible that 9-8 might get you that division title this year. The Cowboys are awful. They could go 4-13 because it could just roll off that bad and the window for them could be closed. Could they get enough close wins together because the division is terrible? Yeah. The Cowboys are a team where I could see them winning the division or finishing near the bottom of the division, and it’s one of those seasons where you go ‘boy, the Cowboys have to have a complete overhaul of talent after this season.'” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are an ‘awful’ team, who could either win the atrocious NFC East simply because of the division’s complete incompetence or post a 4-13 season that could result in Jerry Jones imploding the entire roster.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why he’s not buying Dak Prescott’s health or Ezekiel Elliott’s star power at the running back position in 2021.

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