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Doug Gottlieb Maintains Belief that Teams Will Figure Out Lamar Jackson

Doug Gottlieb: “All we can go on is what we’ve seen before, and what we’ve seen is this deal where you have a couple of years of success and then the league makes you do things you’re not comfortable doing... Somehow we’ve gotten to this place where if you’re critical in any way towards Lamar Jackson, you’re doubting Lamar Jackson. Greg Roman’s style has like a 2.5 year lifespan and then people figure it out. Maybe Lamar is so good at what he’s doing that it doesn’t matter – it’s a possibility. Maybe he’s finally had a true offseason and has evolved as a thrower – it’s possible. We saw Josh Allen evolve a ton. Or maybe this is as good as it gets. Lamar is one of those guys who you don’t want to bet against because he uses what he deems to be ‘haters’ as rocket fuel for him. But the reality is you have several years of tape, and now you can see what works and what doesn’t work, and if you have the personnel, you can beat the Ravens, and you can beat Lamar Jackson. It’s really hard to have a reasonable discussion about Lamar Jackson because for whatever reason, he’s a guy who has tinged in the ‘if you say anything negative somehow there’s a racial implication’ – that couldn’t be further from the truth. The NFL is past ‘race’ at quarterback. Without doing the math I’m going to go like 40% of starting quarterbacks are Black or Samoan. We’re past that, but what we’re not past is whether quarterbacks that are run threats, as well as pass threats, can stay healthy.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss a recent question during a press conference that Lamar Jackson received about opposing defenses having ‘figured him out’, and why he believes there’s a lot of truth into the idea that Jackson’s style of play has a short shelf life.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why it shouldn’t be considered some sort of racial implication whenever speaking critically and constructively on one of the NFL’s most enigmatic talents.

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