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The Real Reason Cam Newton was Released by the Patriots

Colin Cowherd: “Cam has always been bizarrely coddled by the media. I can never figure out why the media chooses to support some players and not others. Lamar Jackson gets more crap – the guy wins 80% of his games and he gets better every year. Cam has never had back-to-back winning seasons, but he’s been bizarrely coddled by the American sports media his entire career. He’s a 59.5% completion percentage, banged up guy, with two COVID issues with the Patriots and they let him go. I was told this morning by a source that I trust that the COVID stuff was the last straw… They were DONE with it. In the end, Ron Rivera and Bill Belichick, both defensive coaches, both smart coaches, both successful coaches, both been in Super Bowls, and both bailed on Cam. They’re both NO NONSENSE head coaches. The quarterback is the position that HAS to be reliable. I don’t want to hear this morning that Mac Jones won this job because he was good against fourth-stringers in the preseason. You don’t go from back up to being really the only viable starting quarterback on a team because you were great against the fourth-stringers. Don’t kid yourself, this COVID nonsense – don’t listen to anybody – I got it sourced, it drove them nuts. I said last week that New England leaked the story last week about how ‘disappointed’ they were with Cam. They were unhappy with this COVID snafu by Cam. New England only leaks what they want out. When they moved off Cam they wanted you to know that it was on HIM, it’s not us, and they’re pissed. This wasn’t about Mac Jones winning the job playing well against fourth-stringers. Did you notice 4-5 veteran New England players – James White, Matthew Slater, Brian Hoyer, Dont’a Hightower – all Belichick’s guys, all had leaked stories last week saying how Mac Jones was so ‘mature’ and that he ‘won the locker room.’ You think that was a coincidence? No, they made sure veterans said nice things about Mac Jones. We all knew the Cam thing was a ‘Band-Aid.’ I thought it was a weird fit but I thought he was coachable and it’s a bridge year after Brady. With the COVID thing and Mac Jones playing well in the preseason it was just ‘let’s rip the Band-Aid off and let it go.’ What is the only thing that Belichick truly loved about Brady? It wasn’t his arm, it wasn’t his athletic ability, it wasn’t his size, it was Tom’s reliability. We all make decisions – when you agitate you’ll get released fast.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd react to Cam Newton’s shocking release from the New England Patriots with Week 1 just under two weeks away, as Colin reveals a source he’s connected with that has insider knowledge on why the Patriots cut ties with the 32-year-old former MVP.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why he thought Cam was always a ‘weird’ fit in New England.

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