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Colin Cowherd Predicts Which NFL Teams Will Make the Playoffs

Watch Colin Cowherd’s ‘Best For Last’ segment on Monday, as Colin predicts which supposed fringe NFL contenders will make or miss the playoffs in a game of “PLAYOFF or TAKEOFF?”


“This goes PLAYOFFS for two reasons. Number one, they had 31 players last year on the injured reserve list, that was the most in the league. They had to overcome insane injuries, including to their quarterback – it probably won’t happen again. It’s hard to imagine based on the division that they’re in but they have the easiest schedule in the NFL based on last year’s opponents’ records. They’re in the same division as Seattle and Los Angeles but their out-of-division schedule is creampuff city by NFL standards. I believe as long as Garoppolo can get you to about Week 8 – we’ll see what Trey Lance becomes – I say they’re a playoff team.”


“I would say TAKEOFF. Here is the problem: they ended the season poorly, they have a quarterback dilemma, and they were 1-7 against teams that were above .500 and made the playoff last year. I always look at ‘who are you beating?’ They ended poorly and didn’t beat high-quality teams. I also think Minnesota in-division will be arguably the most improved team in the league, so I don’t think they get there.”

Check out the FULL video above as Colin makes the rest of his predictions for teams the likes of the Bengals, Browns, Cardinals, Colts, Eagles, Jaguars, Panthers, Patriots, Saints, and the Washington Football Team.

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