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Doug Gottlieb: Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Look Like an NFL Quarterback Right Now

Doug Gottlieb: “For the record, I have always been and will always be an Aaron Rodgers fan. For the record, I understood why the Green Bay Packers selected Jordan Love two years ago in the NFL Draft… You are who your best player is in sports. Do I think Tom Brady has a good time in the offseason? Sure. He played golf, with Aaron Rodgers by the way. He got ‘white boy wasted’ at the victory parade, he had knee surgery so he probably couldn’t get out on the practice field. But when Aaron Rodgers mutters ‘hey man, I was 50/50 as far if I wanted to retire’, he had all of the ammo in his bag for what the Packers had done wrong and who they had done wrong, and I know it wasn’t all his fault – his offensive line got rebuilt and got destroyed yesterday afternoon, and I think Sean Payton coached an absolute virtuoso, and the Packers looked collectively terrible. BUT YOU ARE WHO YOUR BEST PLAYER IS. And Aaron Rodgers, with his hair and with his play, like a guy who hiked Machu Picchu this summer, not like a guy who locked in on ‘how do I win one more game and get back to a Super Bowl?’ It doesn’t mean Aaron Rodgers didn’t work hard – he’s not in great physical condition – but between body language, overall sense, and the continual assertion of ‘hey, I really thought about retiring.’ How do you think that plays in the locker room?? How do you think that looks towards your organization?’ Did Aaron Rodgers look or feel like a guy who was all in? I don’t know what that throw was, they were down 17-3 and he just airmailed just to say ‘F it, I don’t like the call, nobody is open, I’m throwing it deep, and get me the hell out of here.’ That’s your franchise player? That’s the guy who wants to dictate and determine who’s on and not on his football team? It looked like he spent the summer trying to figure out life and not the cover two. He looked like a guy who just got done hiking mountains in Malaysia, Indonesia, Machu Picchu, or Hawaii.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss the Green Bay Packers’ evisceration at the hands of the New Orleans Saints this weekend, and explain why he thought Aaron Rodgers simply looked like a guy who had just spent the summer hiking, camping, and ‘finding himself’, and not like a player hungry to get back to the Super Bowl.

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