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Why Urban Meyer Will Ditch the Jaguars and the NFL Before the Season Ends

Jason Smith: “After falling to 0-2, Urban Meyer, who wants everyone to know ‘boy, I’m really not ready for the pro game!' decided to put out a message on social media about how hard the Jaguars were working. This is a direct quote from Urban Meyer posted on the team's Twitter page: ‘Hang in there with us, we’re going to get better. The only thing about Jacksonville and the 904, go to sleep knowing that there isn’t any group working harder to get this thing flipped.’ Oh, that’s good because I thought nobody in the NFL was working hard! That sounded like Tim Tebow’s speech at Florida when he said ‘no one is going to work harder...’. I read that and thought ‘this is another coach who continually wants to show us that he’s not cut out for the pro game'. What does this even mean?? Dude, you got 15 games left, this is the NFL. This is not losing your first two games out-of-conference because you had to play at Washington and against Alabama in the Kickoff Classic game, and now you’re getting into the Big Ten schedule and you're going to rack up wins. This is another instance that the pro game is too much for him and nothing that I’ve seen so far tells me that he is on the cusp of turning it around. This is why I say he is going to leave before the end of the season in Jacksonville. One week with Urban Meyer is like six months with everybody else because of all the stuff that goes along with him personally and professionally. This is why my money is still with him leaving the Jaguars before the end of the season. He could hold on until the end and at the end say it didn’t work out, but no, that would be a FAILURE and Urban Meyer is not going to admit to being a failure. He would then be looked at as a failure and would be doing TV for a year before he got back to coaching. He’s always been the guy to leave before and do things his way. If he waits till the end it looks like he’s getting fired and he’s not getting a college job because they’re going to fill it. This is why he’s going to be the one who said it’s not working in Week 12 or Week 13, and say I’m excited to be the new coach at LSU, Miami, or Florida State. He’s the latter-day Bobby Petrino. I can’t see him sticking around to December.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Urban Meyer will abandon the Jaguars and the NFL altogether during the season and bolt back to college to accept a premiere head coaching opening at a blue blood program.

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