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The Real Reason Why Eric Bieniemy Won't Get the USC Head Coaching Job

Doug Gottlieb: “Eric Bieniemy I believe had a DUI, there was some sort of assault accusations, and most notably when he was at Colorado as the running backs coach involved in recruiting, they had a scandal which caused the entire staff to get fired. The scandal was that they had prostitutes for recruits. All you’re hearing about Louisville -- that had been done before at Colorado. This is not to say that Eric Bieniemy is a bad guy or he is what his past of 20 years ago represents, but there are two parts to it: first, the likelihood that he would be a candidate for the USC job is very remote considering what happened at Colorado. Then factor in that he wasn’t even a candidate this offseason when the Colorado job opened. You can do the whole ‘wElL, hE dIdN’t wAnT tHe cOlOrAdO jOb!’ – BULL, of course he wanted the Colorado job. It doubles if not triples his pay, it’s at his alma mater, it’s in the Pac-12, OF COURSE HE DID. He couldn’t get back in because the last time he was at Colorado he was involved in a complete and utterly disgraceful recruiting scandal. That’s the reality of it… I would be STUNNED and very surprised if he’s a legitimate candidate for the USC job. I don’t know if we truly understand the complexities of USC and a major college head coaching job. Remember, the local district attorney in 2004 said Colorado was using alcohol and sex to lure high school athletes to play on its team. He wasn’t accused of doing anything wrong to a woman during those accusations, but he was very much involved in the recruitment of players, and that’s really hard to get away from. Then you factor in that this is the biggest job in college football that will be open… In the meritocracy of the NFL which is screaming out for more diverse head coaching hires, Bieniemy was passed up. Instead of re-accessing and evaluating WHY would he not be selected when placed against other candidates, instead we just go on this tangential rant which has nothing to do with reality about race playing some sort of factor. NO, IT DOESN’T. Fellas, let’s have a little ‘journalism’ here, just use Google for a second and go ‘ohhh yea, he was at Colorado…’ How do you get over that? I don’t know if you do. In college, it’s really, really hard, especially with the temperature and everything that’s going on based on the treatment of women on college campuses, and they’re trying to clean it up.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has any chance to land the USC head coaching job, despite a recent Adam Schefter tweet suggesting that Bieniemy was a legitimate candidate for the position.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details the fallacies behind the media’s strong backing of Bieniemy over the last few seasons, and why it’s easily picked apart when you dive deeper into his checkered past.

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