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The Real Reason Why the Dolphins Have Officially Moved Off Tua Tagovailoa

Colin Cowherd: “Whether it happens or not, a lot of people I trust are saying Miami and the Houston Texans have agreed to terms on Deshaun Watson. Now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross still wants to get a resolution on legal stuff, but Carolina is OUT… Whether or not the Deshaun Watson thing happens, Tua is officially not 'IT' in Miami. It’s too public, they know, and EVERYBODY knows. His career numbers are 66% completion percentage, almost a 90 passer rating, 18 touchdowns, 9 picks – Zach Wilson and Justin Fields would die for those. So they’re bailing after 13 starts? They probably bailed 7 starts ago. Why? The injuries, said he didn’t know the playbook, he never got any momentum. It’s also an impatient owner, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow make him look below-average, the GM and head coach gotta win now, and here is something that is undervalued in all of this: Josh Allen in Buffalo. Josh Allen is so tremendously gifted, Brian Flores, a defensive coach, is 0-5 against Josh Allen, has been blown out 4 times, and Josh Allen has carved up the Miami defenses. The NFL is getting increasingly quarterback reliant and Brian Flores is thinking he can’t face that two times a year with Tua. Josh Rosen at Arizona only got 13 starts too. It’s one thing to struggle, it’s one thing to be a little small and not athletic, but the Josh Allen factor is a real thing. Whenever you’re up against greatness on the same field, it shrinks everybody. Tua’s numbers are not terrible but they have officially moved off of him and they’re willing to potentially risk it with Deshaun Watson with all sorts of legal problems. Why? Because they feel like if you put Deshaun Watson on the same field against Josh Allen, you got a shot.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain his theory on why he believes the Miami Dolphins have already officially moved on from the idea of having Tua Tagovailoa as their franchise quarterback.

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