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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 9

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his list of the top 10 NFL teams after Week 9 in Colin’s latest installment of the Herd Hierarchy rankings. (Video Segment at the Bottom of the Page)

10. Browns (5-4)

“I’ll put the Cleveland Browns in because they have the number 2 rushing offense in the league, they run the ball ‘guard-center-guard’ as well as anybody, they control the clock, and their defense has held opponents under 20 points in three straight games. This is a REAL football team. I don’t know if they’re a Super Bowl team, but I usually think they’re 7-8 teams in the Super Bowl bubble and I would put Cleveland just on the outside of that. I like the coach, I like the offensive line, I think there is an argument to be made that OBJ disappearing is better for Baker Mayfield. They scored over 40 points and only completed 14 passes. This is potentially a time of possession-eating/clock eating offense that can keep really good quarterbacks on the sideline, so I do believe this is a top 10 team.”

9. Bills (5-3)

“But the Browns aren’t as explosive offensively as the Buffalo Bills. Yes, the Bills got beat by the Jaguars, but they outgained the Jaguars and had more first downs. This is the concern for them and this is why I dropped them – they’re outgaining everybody but their offense is a little hit and miss. Unlike Cleveland, I don’t like their offensive line, but they still have the number one scoring defense, they still have the best turnover differential, they play fast, they force you into mistakes, and they can beat you over the top. I am concerned about their offensive line and offensive inconsistency, however."

Check out the FULL video below.

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