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Clay Travis Calls Colin Kaepernick an 'Imbecile' After Netflix Special

Clay Travis: “Should I give Colin Kaepernick attention or not when it’s clear all he wants is attention, and there’s no real substance behind any of his arguments. This was such a ridiculously stupid argument that I felt like I had to address it. Colin Kaepernick compared going to the NFL combine in an effort to be drafted, to being at a slave auction. This is so transparently absurdly ridiculous. First of all, ALL players – White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, your racial background doesn’t matter at all – all players are treated the exact same. Second, it’s a privilege and an honor to be considered to be drafted in the NFL, and you are in line to make millions of dollars, but if you don’t want to go, it is voluntary. I don’t believe slaves were signing up for multi-million dollar contracts, and I am also quite confident that there was no one being forced to play in the NFL, it’s all voluntary. If you don’t want to do that, you can go find another job. I don’t remember the option of whether you could be a slave or not being a part of this equation. That is insanely stupid and moronic of Colin Kaepernick and his handlers who are doing this Netflix documentary to make that argument. That’s not all, Kaepernick has continued to argue that he wants to play in the NFL and that he’s staying in shape to do so. Well, if that were true, then why would he voluntarily be begging for the opportunity to be a 'slave' again? If the NFL is so barbaric that it is the equivalent of slavery, why is Colin Kaepernick been railing against the NFL, and even suing the NFL to try and get back into the league? It is nonsensical, all of his arguments, none of it makes logical sense at all. I think it’s important to call out stupidity when we see it, and Colin Kaepernick’s arguments, frankly, are stupid, and anyone who is still defending him after watching that clip in his Netflix documentary is so mentally deficient that they can’t be considered legitimate analysts in any way. All of the ‘Blue Checkmark Brigade’ on social media who have been defending Colin Kaepernick, I hope they all watched that clip and realized what an imbecile they have been defending. Remember, Colin Kaepernick said police were modern-day slave catchers, and he wore a Fidel Castro shirt and said that Castro’s Cuba was more free than the United States. This is not a sophisticated person when it comes to the political arguments that he has made. In fact, most of his arguments are flat-out nonsensical.”

Listen to Clay Travis discuss Colin Kaepernick’s recent polarizing Netflix documentary series, calling out a specific segment of an episode in which Kaepernick made headlines for comparing the NFL Draft Combine to a slave auction.

Check out Clay's take above, as well as part of the segment from the series below.

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