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Why Fans and the NFL Media Need to Stop Hyping Up Odell Beckham Jr.

Colin Cowherd: “Do all you understand that he’s no longer ‘one-handed catch Odell’? Happiness is about expectations, so just lower your expectations. He is brittle, he kind of freelances on routes, he had a case of the ‘drops’ in Cleveland, and as I was told by an executive and scout, both who faced him earlier this year, you can put single coverage on him. For the Saints and New England, he absolutely fills a void, but he is not a number one receiver in the NFL, unless you may talk New England. He’s not a number one receiver on all the good teams in the NFL, and I don’t think he’s a number two receiver on most of the good teams in the NFL. So lower your expectations and understand what you’re getting. He is a five-target, three-catch, and can you get a couple big plays out of him? If you’re the Patriots, that would be great because you have no deep threat. New Orleans, can he get over the top, a couple reverses, get him nine looks, be used as a decoy for a team who has a really mediocre wide receiving corps? THAT works. People are getting so worked up over this.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes fans and NFL media alike should lower their expectations for Odell Beckham Jr. on a new team, as news hit after this segment that the former All-Pro wide receiver is taking his talents to the Los Angeles Rams.

Beckham Jr. at one point was considered one of the best wide receivers in the league, if not the best, after averaging over 1,300 yards receiving and 10+ touchdowns during his first three years in the league with the Giants. Injuries and off-field drama, however, ended his time in New York, and much of the same problems followed him around with the Browns. After averaging 92.8 yards game in New York, his stats dropped way down to 54.7 yards per game with the Browns.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he doesn’t think Odell is a number one on any team in the league, and not even a number two on the majority of good teams in the league either.

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