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Here's What Colin Cowherd Had to Say About Justin Fields' Game vs. Steelers

Colin Cowherd: “The Bears lost the game but found a franchise quarterback. I’ll take that any day of the week. Everything I complained about with Jordan Love of the Packers, I was like ‘where is that one WOW moment, where is the juice??’ The coaches for Green Bay don’t even trust Jordan Love, look at the play-calling. All of that last night, you saw it on every series with Justin Fields – big, athletic, fast, huge arm, sit in the pocket, take shots – at one point after the game Matt Nagy said he looked over at Justin Fields and Fields gave him that look like ‘it’s go-time.’ There were no ‘tricks’ last night, it was just letting him sit in the pocket and make throws and he did. Did you want to be ‘fooled’ into believing he’s good or make him make plays? He had to overcome absolutely atrocious officiating last night. He averaged 17 yards per completion, more than any quarterback in the league last week. That’s BIG BOY quarterbacking and throwing the ball down the field, that’s not Mitch Trubisky tricks with smoke and mirrors, and all that nonsense that fools people into believing a dude can play. Do the Bears have the right coach? I like Matt Nagy more than you but I don’t know. Do the Bears have the right GM? I have my doubts. But you have the quarterback. ‘WELL, COLIN IT’S JUST ONE GAME!’ No, it’s not – we’ve all watched these music shows, American Idol, The Voice – it doesn’t take long to spot big-time talent. You can see a hack and you can see a star in 8 seconds. This league is not complicated. You’ve got to get a franchise quarterback, get an offensive line to protect that franchise quarterback, and then draft a whole bunch of people who can go get THEIR quarterback. The Bears have two of them now, they’ve got the quarterback and they’ve got the guys who can get the quarterback, but their offensive line is still an absolute mess. Fields is ‘THE GUY.’ Big, tall, athletic, fast, and has the confidence. This kid has grown so much in the last month. If you watched that game and didn’t see it then you just don’t get it. Would you rather be the Steelers, win that game, and have a dinosaur at quarterback with no succession plan, or would you rather lose that game and know for the next 12 years that you’ve got your guy?” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the Bears 29-27 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football, and what he thinks of rookie quarterback Justin Fields going forward.

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