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Here is What Colin Cowherd Had to Say About Aaron Rodgers' COVID Fallout

Colin Cowherd: “You know I have been a critic of Aaron Rodgers, that is well-documented. I think he’s a great first-ballot Hall of Famer and I’ve always said I liked him more than Brett Favre. Aaron was always a ‘thinking man’s quarterback.’ But my issues were always leadership and his inability to build alliances. Reports say Aaron Rodgers is ‘unhappy’ about all the criticism, thinks he’s being ‘crucified’ for it, knew some people would disagree with him, but says even people who he thought were his ‘friends’ are turning on him. That’s interesting, his ‘friends’ are turning on him, you mean the ones YOU ghost when they don’t placate and defend him at every turn?? I’ve known multiple people throughout the years who thought they were friends with Aaron and he ghosts them when they don’t defend him. Being a friend of Aaron has always worked one way, it’s about AARON. Not so shocking that his ‘friends’ have turned on him, maybe they’re embarrassed by him. This is how Aaron has always seen the world, he is the sun and everything else revolves around him. He compared himself to MLK, oh my, and says he feels crucified…like Jesus? Drew Brees ‘stepped in it’ last year and got pounded for a day but then people started lining up behind Drew Brees – Black teammates, White teammates, coaches, front office people, broadcasters…Why? Because Brees doesn’t call out his franchise for 20 minutes and has worked his entire life to build relationships. Aaron ‘stepped in it’ and now he can’t figure out why he doesn’t have this alliance of people that are there to defend him. Well, where have you built it? With Aaron it’s passive-aggressive shots at coaches, it’s calling out the front office, it’s ghosting friends, and then SURPRISE, when you step in it no one is there for you. This is not picking on Aaron but if you think you’re above everything, then you’re not a part of the group, you’re above it, and now you’re on your own. How many teammates did we see weeping at the podium after Drew Brees retired saying they love him because of how much he had given to them? He didn’t ‘ghost’ people who care about him.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 drama, as the reigning MVP’s controversial comments about why he didn’t get the COVID vaccine have turned Rodgers into an incredibly polarizing lightning rod that has drawn attention far transcending football.

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