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Why Sam Darnold's Career as a Starting Quarterback is Over

Jason Smith: “Now you can say we’ve seen the end of Sam Darnold as a starting quarterback in the NFL… I feel bad for the guy because he tried to be the good soldier in New York, he just wasn’t very good. The Panthers believed the problems were just the Jets. It’s not just the Jets, I told you he misses open receivers all the time. What happened in Carolina the moment teams got film on him? He still misses receivers and they found a way to shut him down. He was always on a short leash and you knew he was going to get benched at some point. This is going to be it because you knew at the end of the season the Panthers were going to move on anyway, and Darnold’s best chance was to get ‘Teddy Bridgewater-ed’. The only chance he’ll ever get to start again is if there is a team who is caught so much in the middle of saying goodbye to one quarterback and you’re not sure if he can still do it, so we will bring a guy in, maybe he battles for the job, and maybe he wins it. That’s the only solution Darnold has to be a starting quarterback in the NFL again, and that’s kind of out the window now. Anywhere he goes now, it’s going to be as a backup. He’s got to hope to be ‘Tannehill-ed’ where he finds the right system, gets the opportunity because of an injury, and suddenly ‘here I am and I’m great’ and I’ve found the system for me. That’s the only thing he has left. Being out and not having any more tape the rest of this year, it’s going to be ‘look at the 10 picks the last 6 weeks, look at what’s happened to him?!’ and Darnold is going to be a backup quarterback in the NFL.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Sam Darnold’s career as a starting quarterback is over, as Jason details why Darnold’s days of being the incumbent starter are now a thing of the past.

After getting off to a 3-0 start, Darnold’s Panthers have lost 5 of their last 6 games, with the impending free agent posting a 4 to 10 touchdown to interception ratio in those 6 contests. Darnold ranks 29th in QBR, 31st in Passer Rating, 29th in completion percentage, and 1st in interceptions.

A shoulder fracture could potentially cost Darnold the rest of the season, depending on where Carolina sits in the standings in a month when Darnold could theoretically be returning.

Check out the video above as Jason describes why this was never a ‘Jets problem’ for Darnold like previously believed.

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