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Why the Cowboys Will Win the Super Bowl

Colin Cowherd: “What I am about to say I have not said many times in the last decade to 15 years, I’ve been doing this for about 20 years, but I do feel like the Dallas Cowboys are capable of winning the Super Bowl. Just bury the tape on the Broncos game, that’s not who they are. We’ve watched them for 7-8 weeks, we know what they are, it was a bad Sunday. It’s the new normal in the NFL, something weird, or 3 or 4 weird things happen every weekend. Dallas has a couple things going for them, let’s start with number one. They have MULTIPLE playmakers. You can’t ask your coaches to coach perfectly every week, and you can’t ask your team to play perfect. It’s hard, you have injuries, and you need playmakers to sometimes just get you W’s. Dak, Randy Gregory, Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs, CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper, and Zeke; this team has 7-8 special players. Some weeks maybe the coaching is off, you’ve got injuries, maybe Dak is off a little, the schedule is tough, you get a bad officiating break, you just can’t ask your coaches and your team to be perfect every Sunday, sometimes you just need playmakers, and Dallas has about seven guys who I think are special, and they’re sprinkled all over the football team. Linebacker, corner, pass rusher, wide receiver, quarterback, and running back. Number two is that I think the Cowboys are built for football in 2021. (A) they’re great at skill positions; some Sundays you get into a track meet, you just gotta be able to score, and they can. Secondly, they have good pass rushers, and we haven’t even seen Demarcus Lawrence return this year, and sometimes you’re facing a Matt Stafford and Sean McVay, or facing an Aaron Rodgers, and you just need a pass rush to even things out. So they can throw it AND they can get after your quarterback. The other thing is that sometimes you need breaks to get to a Super bowl. They’ve gotten some breaks this year, San Francisco and Seattle are a little bit of a mess, Brady and Tampa are lost offensively, Kyler Murray is banged up again for the second year in a row, and the Rams have lost Cam Akers and now Robert Woods for the year, and they crossed their fingers on OBJ learning the system quickly and staying healthy. It’s also key that Dallas is balanced. If you’re too pass-centric and you get a lead and you want to kill the clock, it can be difficult. It’s not difficult for Dallas, if they get a lead with Zeke and Pollard they can go to the ground and keep the clock running. Or if Dallas trails late and they gotta play catchup they have the requisite wide receiver, tight end, and running back talent. They’re fast and athletic and I think they jump off the television. If you look at their schedule, they are still very much in the hint for the number one seed.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 7-2 Cowboys are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, as Colin believes this Cowboys team is different from the Dallas contenders of the past who merely looked good on paper.

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