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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 10

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his list of the top 10 NFL teams after Week 10 in Colin’s latest installment of the Herd Hierarchy rankings. (Video Segment at the Bottom of the Page)

10. Colts (5-5)

“Like my wardrobe, the boring Colts at 10. I think they’re a playoff team. They’re not there yet but I like them. First of all, they’ve forced at least one turnover in 11 straight games, no one else in the league has done that. Carson Wentz has multiple touchdowns in 6 of his last 7 games. Now, they don’t play Tennessee well because they don’t matchup, the defensive front for the Titans gives Wentz a lot of problems and he gets reckless and forces turnovers. But they’re 8-0 when Jonathan Taylor rushes for over 100 yards. I like this team. They’re boring, the AFC South’s best two teams are boring. They don’t matchup with Tennessee but I think they matchup with everybody else. I think they’re going to make the playoffs, they do the stuff I like. They run the ball, they’re smart, they’ve got a smart coach, quarterback can make plays, they take the ball away, I like the Colts at 10.”

9. Rams (7-3)

“Let’s not go crazy on the Rams, this is the worst two-game stretch of Sean McVay’s career. You got Von Miller making his first start, OBJ making his first start, you got Robert Woods not playing, and you’ve got a division rival that plays physical football that you don’t matchup too terribly well with. But they still lead the NFL with 29 sacks, they’re on a bye, and this is a very explosive team. They need a bye for Von Miller and OBJ. Rams at 9.”

Check out the FULL video below.

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