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The Real Reason Why Pete Carroll's Tenure in Seattle Has Crumbled

Colin Cowherd: “I’ve been on this thing for 2-3 years now with the Seahawks. Even as they were winning 11-12 games, I was saying this feels like it’s a house of cards. They’ve got a very weird power dynamic within the organization. Pete has all the power now, and he’s certainly earned his fair share, but when the owner Paul Allen died, it was a power grab. Pete won, Pete’s a rock star, Pete’s going to go to Canton, he was a rockstar in college, but what’s happening to Seattle is what I’ve predicted. It’s starting to feel at the end in Seattle like it felt at the end of USC, where Pete dominated a bad conference, and then a couple of offensive coaches came in – Chip Kelly to Oregon and Jim Harbaugh to Stanford – and Pete did not update his schemes, they looked outdated, and he started getting clobbered by both coaches and Pete left. When he had great talent at USC he won, and then when he had great talent for his first 3-4 years in the NFL he won, but Pete isn’t an elite scheme guy. He’s not going to take marginal talent like Bill Belichick has done historically and win games. Just like in the Pac-12, once really innovative offensive minds came into the NFC West, Pete was exposed. Here comes Kliff Kingsbury with the air raid, here comes Sean McVay, and here comes Kyle Shanahan, and where is Pete? Buried in fourth place with Russell Wilson with outdated offensive schemes, too much power, weird trades, lousy draft picks, and they have earned every bit of this fourth place. Even when they were winning 12 games I said this was going to happen. You can’t keep whiffing on all these first-round picks. You can’t give away two firsts, a third, and a safety, for a safety. You can’t be this bad at corner, and this bad on the offensive line. Pete is 24/7 optimism, chewing gum non-stop, the rah-rah stuff, the player empowerment stuff, it wears thin and it creates an incredibly loose culture, and right now Seattle is a mostly weak roster, terrible in the secondary, can’t cover elite receivers, and got dominated by Colt McCoy at home… It’s too loose, they’ve got to be stronger at GM, Pete has to get out of the drafting, they’ve got to blow this thing up, move Bobby Wagner, potentially move Jamal Adams, and get draft picks, because Russell Wilson – don’t kid yourself, in the off-season coming off a 12-win season his side leaked 4 teams Russell wanted to play for. Russell is wildly aspiration and he’s not sitting around for fourth place. This thing is about to implode. I’m not into firing coaches but what you gotta do is go to Pete and say ‘Pete, you’re 70, this is ridiculous, you can’t be the defacto GM AND coach.' You gotta step back and be a walk-around coach, hire a great OC, get out of the drafting, and concentrate on updating your schemes defensively. You either have to blow this thing up or find a new coach.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the Seattle Seahawks have gone from an organization that contends for the Super Bowl every year, to a franchise who can’t even beat Colt McCoy at home anymore.

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