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Colin Cowherd Has a Unique Solution to Solve Baker Mayfield's Problems

Colin Cowherd: “Here’s the solution, I’ll pave the way to your success, Cleveland. I would sit Baker Mayfield against Baltimore. Yes, you’re going to lose to Baltimore with Case Keenum because Baker is better, but I would sit him because the Browns have a bye after Baltimore. Then I would get two weeks of Baker Mayfield finally getting healthy, and they’ll lose to Baltimore, but then I get him back for the final five games. It will be the healthiest Baker can be and I’ll get a true evaluation on him. He’s then going to beat Baltimore at home, beat the Raiders at home, lose to Green Bay, then beat the Steelers, and beat the Bengals again, be 10-7 and you’ll be a playoff team, and then the front office will get a real evaluation of him because he will be 90% healthy. You’ve were delusional originally and now you’re outrageously crtical about him now, and you’ve been widly inaccurate with both. If you want a true evaluation, sit him down for two weeks and get him as healthy as can be because what you saw Sunday is a kid with a bad knee, bad heel, bad shoulder, torn labrum – and you’re like ‘HE’S NO GOOD!’ Who's good playing at 40 to 50%?? You’re welcome, you can take this, use it for free, make the playoffs, and maybe I’ll take your calls.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain what he thinks the Cleveland Browns need to do for Baker Mayfield to save his career with the franchise who drafted him first overall in the 2017 NFL Draft.

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