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What Colin Cowherd Thinks About Tampa Bay's Chances at Repeating as Champs

Colin Cowherd: “We kept waiting for it to ‘click’ last year for Tampa. It just didn’t look right and then they had the bye and they beat a bunch of bad teams – Detroit and Atlanta – and we’re like ‘YEAH, THEY’RE GREAT!’ But their offense wasn’t great against Green Bay, wasn’t great against Washington, and really their defense won the Super Bowl against Kansas City. We thought this year was going to be a lot smoother but it’s the exact same. Last year Tampa averaged 29.5 points a game, this year they average 31. Last year they allowed 22.6 points a game, this year they’re allowing 22.2 points per game. Last year their record was 7-3 at this point, and this season their record is… 7-3. It’s the same team, why wouldn’t it be, they brought back all the same players and the same coaches. We keep thinking Tampa has this next gear but all the inconsistencies of last year are here this year. They still have a really old quarterback who is not athletic or dynamic physically, the weakness of the team last year was the secondary because of age and inexperience, and it’s now their weakness is the secondary because of inexperience and injuries. Their special teams are OK but you would never trust them in a big spot, and their running game was underwhelming last year and underwhelming this year. Last year they were 29th in rushing attempts, this year they’re 31st in rushing attempts. We keep waiting for them to burst through like they're Kansas City with another gear. But Tampa is not that team, they’re the exact same team, there is no higher ceiling. What they are is very good and you cross your fingers that Tom Brady will provide magic in the postseason because he normally does. Tampa doesn’t have a ‘problem’, the problem is my expectations. I’m thinking they’re the Chiefs, or they’re Arizona when they get Kyler back, or they’re Dallas…no they’re not. They got an old quarterback, average special teams, no running game, a secondary I don’t trust, and they’ll only win in the postseason if Brady is magical and he mostly is. My expectations the last two years have been out of whack.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss what he believes the chances are of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers repeating as Super Bowl champions, as the Bucs head into Week 12 with a 7-3 record and one game back in the loss column to the NFC’s number one-seeded Arizona Cardinals.

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