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Why Patrick Mahomes Has Lost His Mojo

Colin Cowherd: “Patrick is a great kid and I’m rooting for him, he’s got a Super Bowl, and he’ll probably win another, but the media needs a new story, and the media needs ‘cool’ and ‘new’ because it’s more fun to write about. The left-handed passes and the sidearm throws – yeah, Tom Brady doesn’t do those and neither does Justin Herbert and right now Justin Herbert is the best quarterback in that division, not Patrick Mahomes. Have you watched the last two months what’s happening? I like Mahomes but the media goes nuts for ‘new, fun, and exciting’ but that’s not what wins. Tonight arguably the two best teams, boring New England, and Buffalo in a snowstorm will play. Right now, what’s not blowing everyone away is Kansas City’s offense. Great coach, really good line, great weapons, and Patrick Mahomes is struggling. He has had one good game in two months. I love him, he will be fine, he’s coachable, he’s a good kid, but when guys like me rolled their eyes at the left-handed passes – it’s one pass in a four-hour game -- and the sidearm stuff..? He’s lost his mechanics, he’s broken right now… Mahomes for the first time ever has no touchdown passes in back-to-back games, and in the last 8 games he’s played poorly in 7. In the last 5, 4 of them he had a passer rating under 75. This is what these scouts said out of college, and I’ll read you a quote from Lance Zuerlein, the one radio host I believe in when it comes to scouting. He said on Mahomes: ‘he doesn’t have a very repeatable process as a passer.’ What does that mean? That’s the opposite of Brady. That’s why Brady works on mechanics over and over again because it’s repeatable. With Mahomes, every pass looks different and now his mechanics are in the toilet, and he’s either broken and will need an offseason to get it right, or he’ll get in right in the next two or three weeks and he’ll be fine. Look at what is working right now at quarterback. Brady is going to win the MVP. Mahomes and Lamar are more fun to watch, but ‘uncool’, ‘repeatable’, and kind of ‘boring’ win in this league. Mahomes has to go back to be being ‘boring’, and the basics. Their core idenity is offense and now they're not running the football and passing it well. All these teams in the playoffs have an identity. The problem with Kansas city is that their core identity is big plays, so they're not running the ball. They are not confident right now on the side of the ball that we thought was going to win six Super Bowls. 'Boring' is okay too, you can win being boring, especially in December.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Patrick Mahomes is having the worst statistical season of his NFL career, as Mahomes ranks just 22nd in the NFL in completion percentage, 17th in passer rating, and has thrown the fourth-most interceptions.

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